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Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions was founded in 2007. It comprises of two divisions namely Milagrow Venture Catalysts & Milagrow HumanTech.

Milagrow Venture Catalysts fills the 'management capital' need gaps of MSMEs, left un-addressed by the 'idea capital' providers (consultants) or the 'financial capital' providers. Milagrow brings in rich management capital to its clients through its completely unique service offerings.Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions is built around the idea of ethical, profitable and sustainable growth through a partnering approach. It is a 'one stop destination for growth seeking businesses' more..

Milagrow HumanTech presents technology that makes life simpler, easier and allows you to have more time with minimum effort. Milagrow's range of consumer robots is intelligent, obedient and created for the purpose of serving humans. These robots can help you perform a wide array of daily chores, without the tension of any supervision. Milagrow HumanTech currently has Floor Robots, Pool Robots, Lawn Robots, Window Robots & Body Robots. Many more different Consumer, Commercial & Industrial robots will be added to it's range in near future. The dream of Milagrow founders is that "Humans serving humans for menial jobs & domestic chores must be replaced by robots."more..