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Corporate Film Solutions

Want to develop the most-effective tool to communicate your business offerings to your organization’s stakeholders..??

As a part of its endeavor to provide world-class low-cost marketing solutions to the MSMEs in India, Milagrow presents Corporate Film Solutions that help the Small & Medium Businesses to prepare an effective and targeted communication for their customers, vendors, associates, employees and masses...

A Corporate Film has the complete essence of a company's corporate image and strategy. If made professionally, a corporate film communicates the relevant information about a company and its products & services in a high-impact audio-visual format. It gives a thorough & detailed understanding of the business to the viewer, thereby making it convenient for him to enter into business associations. It also enhances the reach of a business across the globe, as it can be easily transmitted through electronic media, both online and offline.

Through its partners, Milagrow helps small and medium businesses (SMEs) to make highly effective and targeted corporate films for several objectives. The impact made through corporate films is based on understanding of the communication objectives, which may include:

  • Corporate image building
  • Town hall presentations
  • Campus recruitment
  • Motivating sales force
  • Training for new / senior employees and Induction programmes
  • Cross cultural training (for foreign professionals seeking business opportunities in India)

With a vast experience of corporate film making, and a highly professional and a dedicated team members at all levels, our partners understand the business needs of SMEs and develop world-class films at lowest costs with highest levels of effectiveness. The process of making a corporate film begins by building a detailed understanding of the client’s business & the environment, its product/ service offerings, its target customer's profile and its objective for developing a corporate film. Thereafter, concepts are prepared along with the scripts which are then brainstormed with the aid of storyboards. The approval of concept, script and storyboard leads to production of the final corporate film.

The corporate experience that our partners possess, equip them with high levels of professionalism, which ordinary film-making companies do not possess. They have tie-ups with international film academies and have served a large number of clientele including Accenture, Cisco, GE, HDFC Bank, Steria, Tide Water Oil Company, UNDP & Wipro.

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