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Branding Solutions

Why people buy iPods when other music players exist in the market. Why people go to Mc. Donalds for burgers when they can get cheaper burgers outside. The word is “Branding”. Its time for SMEs to start building a brand and watch their company prosper.

We offer complete Corporate Branding Solutions to SMEs at cost-effective design packages. Right from designing the logo to helping the SMEs in designing their Operational Collaterals, we do it all. Read More…

mBOT (Build, Operate and Transfer)

Do you want to take your business places? Build, Operate and Transfer is a unique concept practiced by Milagrow for geographical and sales incubation to scale up the business of client partner. MSMEs which are unable to hire high quality sales, marketing and strategy team, our mBOT service help them with the additional management bandwidth to geographically incubate their business. Read More…