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mBot : Build Operate & Transfer(BOT) Practice

mBOT…..Taking Your Business Places, Building the Organization with You, for You

Do you want to take your business places? Do you want to jump start your operations by having access to the best in class skill sets, by conserving capital expenditure and by not getting distracted from the core competency during the formative or critical years of your venture? If yes, then we are the one stop destination to Build, Operate and Transfer, thereby adding long term value and credibility to your enterprise. 

Defining mBOT 

Scarcity of capital, lack of  a sales and distribution network  and absence of a strong team, are all common issues faced by almost all organizations. The dynamics of today’s competitive business environment has driven practically all organizations to focus on their core businesses and partner with other organizations to build, operate and transfer their business functions. Normally, Build, Operate and Transfer is a model in which a third party vendor builds a business or a part of a business, deploys its own employees, gets the operation running for a certain period of time and finally hands over the operations to a company. mBOT is a unique concept practiced by Milagrow for geographical and sales incubation to scale up the business of client partner.

The thought behind mBOT

mBOT was conceived to cater to the growing needs of the MSMEs which are unable to hire or retain a high quality sales, marketing and strategy team with long term focus and quick execution mindset. Even, if they do so, it comes at a great cost and requires additional management bandwidth and overheads. That’s where mBOT comes in.

Through this proposed model we can incubate a company in major markets across the country and globe as mutually agreed. Initially for a brief period of time, our client partner will have to train our human resources, ensure a few joint visits and provide sales tools at their disposal. Under this unique model, our partner would have the increased advantage of reaching out to untapped markets at very minimal fixed cost. Rest of the cost is variable or success fee based. This provides a much faster and wider approach than a scale up 

mBOT value proposition

The unique mBOT offers the following value proposition to the companies partnering with Milagrow:

  •  Strategic, imaginative and holistic approach to client’s needs

  • Access to professional market intelligence.

  • Wealth of local knowledge, local operating experience, and valuable relationships (society, government, etc) that would aid brand development

  • Flexible remuneration ; fee based or a combination of minimal fee to cover basic resource expenses and revenue sharing.

  • Access to high caliber talent that would be otherwise too expensive to hire individually, especially during the incubation period of the brand; strong local representation

  • Access to geographies which are physically not possible for client teams to cover

  • Selection and efficient management of best-in-class external resources

  • World class execution

  • Rapid top line growth through alternative distribution methods and access to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities

  • Effective P&L management through obtaining best possible rates from external vendors and service providers, as well as through driving economies of scale

Whom does mBOT benefit the most:

The mBOT model can be applied to any of the following:

  • An Indian company looking to enter into a new market.
  • An international company looking to enter into Indian market.
  • A company that wants to diversify its product portfolio
  • A company that wants to scale up from one consumer segment to others
  • A company/individual that wants to launch innovative or unrepresented high potential products. 

Finally, mBOT is all about engaging in relationships and partnerships that will complement vision, invest in business, enhance knowledge/capabilities and add long-term value and credibility to the enterprise.