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mOpex : Business Process Re-engineering

Drive your Business ahead without road blocks.

Operational Excellence is a goal of conducting business in a manner that improves quality, customer satisfaction, productivity (machine and manpower) and profitability. It leads to innovation.

Milagrow with its unique mOpex model helps organizations to identify bottleneck, improve throughput and modify processes for achieving business objectives. We help you step out of your daily rush and identify areas of improvement, set benchmarks, quantify benefits, define measurements and lay out an execution road map. Milagrow mOpex model covers all critical elements and sub-elements of what is usually called Business Process Re-Engineering.

Manufacturing ExcellenceWe help you streamline production processes, reduce cost of material, reduce cost of quality and enhance productivity through cycle time studies. Our experts have delivered financial benefit amounting millions of dollars through manufacturing excellence.

Supply Chain Optimization: We assist you in Installing systems and processes for managing inventory, tracking inventory movement and optimizing logistics to ensure 100% demand fulfillment with minimum working capital requirement. We have successfully installed Production, Sales and Inventory processes leading to significant reduction in working capital and better planning and management.

Financial Management & Forecasting: We install financial management systems that are action and decision oriented. Through this, we help organizations graduate from reactive to active financial management. Through financial forecasting, organizations are able to manage finances optimally and reduce cost of capital to the company.

Sales Force Management: We cover sales force strategy, structure, channels, deployment, incentives, monitoring, and training.

Brand Strategy: We asses the existing brand strategy and align it to the business objectives.

360º Marketing: We introduce objective measurements and metrics to the marketing spends. We enable organizations to graduate from one-off marketing campaigns to a 360º marketing strategy centered on the brand strategy.

Performance Management Systems: Through Balanced Score approach, we install performance management systems that are linked to core values and vision of the organization. The scorecards objectively measure the performance parameters and motivate the entire organization to stay committed to excellence.

Empowerment and Delegation: To enable senior management concentrate on business development and strategy, we create empowered organizations with clear financial and non-financial delegation across all levels. 

After Sales Service: We help organizations create robust After Sales Service models that act as Profit Centers rather than Cost Centers.

IT – MIS Systems: A robust MIS system is essential to monitor and sustain excellence.