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Unprecedent Productivity Increase is possible with Milagrow Lean Manufacturing Solutions!


Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions , “The one stop destination for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises”, and its partner UMAS launches targeted Lean Manufacturing Solutions especially designed for the MSMEs, with a focus on implementing world class manufacturing processes in your enterprise to make it globally competitive.

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

  • Restrained demand for manufactured goods
  • Short supply of credit for working capital management
  • Constrained new operating and capital funding
  • Increasing inflationary pressure
  • Underutilization of critical assets
  • Increasing inventory pile ups


The Solution 

LeMW (Lean Enterprise MOST Way), a continuous improvement strategy used by organizations to achieve world-class
performance. Milagrow and UMAS will strive to provide the following to their clients:

  • Improve quality, safety and productivity.
  • Eliminate waste and focus on value-added activities.
  • Reduce delays, lead times, inventories and costs.
  • Create an empowered workforce and Capitalize on effective teamwork.
  • Continuous improvement culture, reduce Work Content and Increase Effective Working Time.


What is MOST®?

A scientific technique of work measurement, invented by H. B. Maynard & Co. Pittsburgh in 1970. The technique helps in benchmarking the methods & activities followed in various operations in the industry with world class standards. It eliminates the subjective performance rating and has a much better acceptance of workmen / unions because it is totally transparent & easy to understand.

Our Expertise:

  • MOST® (Maynard Operation Sequence Technique) distributor in Asia Pacific.
  • Consultancy services to more than 165 + Manufacturing and Service sector operations in India
  • Proven success in labor productivity improvement, line balancing and other industrial engineering disciplines
  • Successfully completed Work Measurement and Industrial Engineering related projects in different industry verticals like: Manufacturing, Food Processing Banking Hospitality And More


Services Offered by Milagrow and UMAS under Lean Manufacturing for SMEs

  • Work Measurement using MOST®
  • Manpower Resource Optimization
  • Facility Layout Planning & Material Handling System Design
  • Factory Planning & Scheduling Solutions
  • Work Place Improvement through 5S


Benefits to your organization

  • Bottom Line Improvement – Significant Savings in Labor Cost
  • Quantum Jump in Labor Productivity and Increased Manpower Utilization
  • Improved Layouts and Material Handling Systems
  • Identification of Bottlenecks and Capacity Analysis
  • Line Balancing and Equitable Allocation of Work
  • Batch size reduction and improvement in response time and reduction in inventory carrying cost Improved Work Place Management through 5 ‘S’
  • Recording correct ROUTING data (Cycle Time & Work Content) for all operations which becomes an input to the ERP and Advanced Planning systems
  • Methods Improvement by reducing body motion losses
  • Online Monitoring of productivity using MOP (Measure of Performance) software


ERP Implementation and Upgrades

  • Ground work data collection (cycle time, work content and setup up time) and operational readiness for ERP implementation.
  • Validation studies for Cycle Time and Work Content of all operations
  • Standardization of sub-operations and operations before ERP implementation
  • Line Balancing and Capacity Analysis
  • Batch size reduction before use of Advance Planning Optimization
  • Operations Process Mapping
  • Recording of FMEA & Control Plans for critical operations

Productivity and Quality are not bargain-able in any industry and SME’s are no exception to it. Our Lean manufacturing solutions shall help SME’s solve all their concerns and alleviate their working capital requirements enabling them to remain competitive with healthy margins.